Map showing parking lot changes at Jubilee Park starting June 4, 2018.

Map of the parking lot changes at Jubilee Park that will take effect June 4, 2018. The southern parking lot (outlined in red) will be permanently closed and the Landfill’s exterior fence line will be expanded from its current location (black dotted line) to the west (orange dotted line) to close off the southern parking lot. Recreationists will need to park and unload at the new designated parking area (outlined in green).


One of the more popular parking and unloading zones at Jubilee Park will be permanently closed starting this summer to make way for the future expansion of Pickles Butte Sanitary Landfill.  Beginning Monday, June 4, the southernmost parking lot at Jubilee Park will be fenced off to the public and no longer accessible by vehicle.  That means those wishing to access the trail system at Jubilee Park for motorbike, ATV/UTV, and horseback riding will need to park and unload at the designated parking lot on the corner of Deer Flat Rd. and Perch Rd (see map above).

“This is something we knew was going to happen eventually and we have been preparing for it for the past couple years,” said Nicki Schwend, Director of Canyon County Parks, Cultural and Natural Resources.  “The closure of the lower parking area should have minimal impact on the recreationists who utilize Jubilee Park.  The trail system will remain unchanged for the most part.  The only major change is that people will now have to park and unload in the upper parking area, which is just a couple hundred yards north of the parking area that will be fenced off and closed starting in June.”

To help minimize the impact to recreationists, there will be a new and improved unloading area installed in the designated parking lot on the corner of Deer Flat Rd. and Perch Rd.  Notices will also be posted along the entrance to Jubilee Park and at both current parking areas to inform citizens of the upcoming changes.

Recreationists that utilize Jubilee Park are also encouraged to visit the Idaho Parks & Recreation website and take advantage of their OHV (off-highway vehicle) Safety Classes held on-site at Jubilee Park.