4-H teaching youth about gardening

4-H gardening program

This summer, the Canyon County Juvenile Probation Department partnered with 4-H, the Nampa School District, CWI, and Pathways In Education to provide a variety of weekly classes for youth in the juvenile justice system and on probation.

The mission of the Juvenile Probation Department is to reduce the risk that juveniles brought to the juvenile justice system will continue to violate the law by holding them accountable for violations of the law, protecting the community, and providing them with opportunities to increase their positive development.  With that said, the partnerships formed this summer made it possible to further the department’s mission by educating the youth in cooking, art, gardening, budgeting, basic car care, and internet safety.  The partnerships also helped them explore higher education options at CWI at no cost to the youth or the department.

There were twelve youths referred to the weekly classes and all of them gained skills that will be used in their lifetime as members of our community.  The partnerships were made possible by the hard work and dedication to the youth in this community by Juvenile Probation Officer Shannon Jones and Project Coordinator Mike Davidson.

“Shannon and Mike are truly public servants who are committed to their work and doing good in the community,” said Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Elda Catalano. “I’m proud to have them as part of the Juvenile Probation team here in Canyon County.”

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