The George W. Nourse Gun Range will be closed one day a month to allow staff to clean and maintain the range for visitors. During most months, the closure will occur on the last Thursday of the month. The closures will occur on the second Thursday of the month during October, November, and December. The monthly closures will be in place from dawn to 3:30 p.m.

“The gun range has pretty much relied on the honor system to keep it clean, where everyone is encouraged to pick up after themselves and carry out what they bring in,” said Nicki Schwend, Director of Parks, Cultural and Natural Resources.  “But as more and more people use the range, the less the honor system seems to work.  These monthly deep cleans will help us keep the range in good condition and provide a better experience for our gun range users.”

Signs informing citizens of the recurring closures will be posted at the gun range, as well as Pickles Butte Landfill and Jubilee Park. Closure information is also posted on the Parks, Cultural and Natural Resources website.  Be sure to check the closure schedule and plan your visits accordingly.

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