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Effective March 25, the Weed & Pest Control Office will be closed to the public until further notice. Assistance will still be available during the public closure by calling (208) 459-0510.


MISSION Idaho Code Title 22 Chapter 24 states it is the responsibility of all property owners to control noxious weeds on their land. Our mission is to contact the landowner by mail and work to create a plan in eliminating noxious weeds. Property owners may hire Canyon County Weed for a fee to spray for them. If there is no effort made to control weeds, Canyon County Department of Noxious Weed may proceed pursuant to the law to have the weeds controlled. The owner will incur the expense of abatement. If it is not paid, it will be applied to the owners property tax.


Gopher ImagesThe Canyon County Pest District has declared our only pest is the pocket gopher.  We provide bounty at $1.00 per tail delivered to our office. We advise to call the office before coming in with gopher tails.

We provide a trapper for small plots at $20.00 an hour (minimum of $40.00).  Training can be provided at your request.  Call 208-459-0510 for more information.

Black Henbane
Bohemian Knotweed
Common Crupina
Dalmation Toadflax
Dyer’s Woad
Giant Hogweed
Giant Knotweed
Hoary Alyssum
Leafy Spurge
Meadow Knapweed
Mediterranean Sage
Musk Thistle
Orange Hawkweed
Oxeye Daisy
Parrotfeather Milfoil
Perennial Sowthistle
Plumless Thistle
Policeman’s Helmet
Silverleaf Nightshade
Skeletonleaf Burage
Small Bugloss
Spotted Knapweed
Squarrose Knapweed
Syrian Beancaper
Brazilian Elodea
Canada Thistle
Diffuse Knapweed
Euarasian Watermilfoil
Field Bindweed
Hoary Cress (White Top)
Japanese Knotweed
Jointed Goatgrass
Perennial Pepperweed
Poison Hemlock
Purple Loosestrife
Rush Skeletonweed
Russian Knapweed
Scotch Thistle
Spotted Knapweed
White Bryony

Canyon County Weed & Pest Control is offering to help residents manage pocket gophers and other rodents by installing Barn Owl houses on their property.  Barn Owls offer an effective form of natural pest control that often provides better results than conventional trapping or poisons.  The use of Barn Owls for pest control is also eco-friendly, and requires little to no maintenance.  The Army Corps of Engineers estimates that it takes 3,000 gophers a year, plus mice and voles, to sustain a pair of owls and their young.

The Barn Owl houses installed by Canyon County Weed & Pest Control are mounted on a 2 3/8 inch steel pole, approximately 12 feet above the ground, and provide a nesting area for a pair of Barn Owls and their young during nesting season.  Each owl house has 3 ¾ x 4 ½ entrance hole cut into them, which is slanted back at a 5 degree angle to prevent rain from coming in. The hole is also specially designed to deter predators of the Barn Owl, which include Great Horned Owls, raccoons and hawks. Each house is installed facing northeast, which allows the least amount of light in and offers the best protection from the wind. They are also stained for protection against the weather.

The price for installation is $150 for Canyon County residents and $300 for out-of-county residents. For more information or to have one installed, please contact Canyon County Weed & Pest Control at 208-459-0510.

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