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Idaho Code §67-6511 authorizes the governing body to establish a Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Ordinance, recommended for approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission through the public hearing process is adopted and implemented by the Board of County Commissioners. The current ordinance applies to all land within the unincorporated area of Canyon County. A Zoning Ordinance outlines standards of development and includes, but is not limited to, use of land and/or structures, density of population, and standards of building construction and use. The Development Services Department is charged with administering, among other things, the Zoning Ordinance.

The Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map establish several land use zones and identify uses as allowed or as permitted. The planning department assists the public with uses classified as allowed. These uses include application for a building permit, administrative lot splits, temporary use permits, land uses within a particular zone, managing the mapped floodplain as provided by the Special Flood Hazard Maps (FEMA), and issues such as setbacks, access to property, and structure height.

Please check with a Planner first with questions of land use or development. The Development Services Department is committed to helping you understand Zoning Ordinance requirements,including allowed and/or permitted uses.


Title 67, Chapter 65 of the Idaho State Statute grants the County Board of Commissioners (governing board) the authority to exercise their powers to appoint members of a Planning & Zoning Commission to act with full authority of the governing board within the unincorporated area of the county, excluding the authority to adopt ordinances or to finally approve rezones and land subdivisions.

The Planning & Zoning Commission, guided by the Local Land Use Planning Act (§ 67-6509) is granted the authority to make decisions on land use planning applications, including recommendation, adoption and amendments. Each commission shall consist of not less than three (3) nor more than twelve (12) voting members, all appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. An appointed member must have resided in the county for at least two (2) years and must remain a resident of the county during his service on the commission. No person shall serve more than two (2) full consecutive terms.

Commission Chairman: Robert Sturgill, Vice Chairman: Patrick Williamson, Secretary: Sandi Levi; Commissioners: Rod Garrett, John Carpenter, Rick Fried, Richard Hall. 

Phone:  (208) 454-7458  
Fax: (208) 454-6633
Email: Contact Development Services

If you would like volunteer your time as a P&Z Commissioner, please download and fill out the application below and submit to the Board of County Commissioners. Planning & Zoning Commission Application pdf      


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