Growing Together seal for Canyon County Comp PlanWhat is a comprehensive plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is an outline of the community’s vision for the future that guides land development as the community evolves and changes. It allows communities to identify and take advantage of opportunities as well as identify and mitigate hazards. It addresses the compatibility of land uses and strategizes infrastructure to support those uses. It takes into account demographic information and growth rates and identifies the most efficient, fiscally responsible, and safest places to accommodate future developments.  It identifies that special “sense of place” that makes communities distinctive and strives to respect and support those qualities.  As the name implies, it takes a “comprehensive” look at the community past, present, and future. The plan incorporates residents, stakeholders, and leader’s views of how the community should develop in the future. It utilizes data, outlines community history, and sets aspirational goals for development. In addition to articulating to the community’s vision, it puts future residents, developers, and prospective businesses on notice for what this County is all about.

Click on the link below to view the current Canyon County Comprehensive Plan:

2020 Comprehensive Plan pdf

The plan’s recommendations are intended to:

  • Create a collective vision for Canyon County.
  • Establish priorities for public investment.
  • Inform policies that guide the County’s decision making.
  • Align the work of County agencies.
  • Align the work of other jurisdictions such as cities, irrigation, school, highway and fire districts.
  • Create a framework for other plans and initiatives.
  • Guide private development.
  • Foster partnerships with other entities to address shared goals.

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