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Currently all applications must be submitted in person to the Development Services Department, 1st Floor of the Canyon County Administration Building, 111 North 11th Avenue, #140, Caldwell, ID 83605. Checklists have been developed to identify necessary submittal documents to accompany the various applications. When complete, print out and bring these documents with you. Planners are available between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. A fee payment is due at time of submitting an application. Please address questions and comments to

If you would like to schedule a pre-application meeting with a planner, please email Include a description of your proposal and an address or parcel number.

An Administrative Decision is conducted by a Hearing Officer, usually the Development Services Director, to determine whether an application meets all requirements of the Canyon County Zoning Ordinance and/or State Statutes. These types of applications do not require a public hearing. The Director has been authorized by the Board of County Commissioners to examine witnesses, receive relevant evidence, and to make a final ruling on the issues. SPECIAL NOTE: Before you begin an Administrative Land Division, eligibility must be established and this requirement must be met: The property must not have been divided or split-off from another parcel after September 6, 1979. If already divided or split-off from another parcel, the subject property will require a Rezone/Public Hearing. (all links below are PDF pdf) Master Application (please submit with applicable checklist below)

Compliance for a Building Permit ~ In an effort to improve customer service and streamline the building permit application process, we now have the Building Permit Application pdf available online. Please complete this form and bring it to Development Services accompanied by the checklist, required document submittals and the Zoning Compliance fee. A full list of required documents is provided for reference. Mobile Homes and Temporary Homes are included on the Building Permit Application. Required Documentation Checklist pdf for a Residential Building Permit – New Construction.

Substantiated violations are enforced within the limitations of the Canyon County Zoning Ordinance, Building Code Ordinance and Public Nuisance Ordinance and could result in court action (criminal misdemeanor citation or civil court proceedings). It is the goal of the Canyon County Development Services Department to work with the public in reaching an amicable agreement to resolve issues, keeping the public’s health, safety and welfare in the forefront of any action.

Any complaints in relation to barking dogs; unwanted cats or dogs; deceased, sick or injured dogs or cats; neglected animals or animal bites should be reported to the Animal Control Office. If these occur after office hours, contact Sheriff’s Dispatch at (208) 454-7531.

Please contact Development Services at (208) 454-7458 or email with your questions or concerns.

  • Notice of Land Use or Building Complaint

    This complaint form may be used to file a complaint with Development Services on suspected land use, zoning, subdivision, floodplain, building violations, or public nuisances. Anonymous complaints cannot be accepted for action or response. Please provide your contact information, which will be kept confidential.
  • Statement of Complaint

Elevation Certificate and Development Permit Application – These are required for any permit issuance when property lies within the flood zones or flood plain. Please meet with the Development Services Floodplain Administrator for information on this process. The current FEMA Elevation Certificate is included below with a complete set of instructions for completion of this form.

Depending upon the building project, an applicant may also be required to apply for a Mechanical Permit (HVAC).

Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearings are scheduled the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month based on input of applications to be considered.  Currently 7 members serve on the Commission.  The Planning & Zoning Commission, guided by the Local Land Use Planning Act (§ 67-6509) is granted the authority to make decisions on land use planning applications, including recommendation, adoption and amendments.  Your case planner will be able to provide more details regarding the hearing process, requirements for submittal, fees and what to expect at the hearing, when you make application.  Questions may be directed to Master Land Use Application pdf

  1. Provide a deed or evidence of ownership interest. Development Services (DSD) cannot provide this document.  Please obtain this from your title company or the assessors office prior to submitting your application.
  2. If you are not the owner of the land, supply us with a letter from the land owner authorizing the change.
  3. Evidence of water rights. Check your bill or invoice from the water company or call your water provider to find out about your water rights.
  4. Canyon County adopted an emergency ordinance on April 28, 2020, that provides an alternative process to an in-person neighborhood meeting to maintain compliance with the COVID-19 guidance.  Ordinance 20-007.  The applicant or representative is responsible for drafting and mailing a neighborhood letter to properties within the required notification radius, as detailed in the ordinance.  A request for the mailing list of homeowners can be sent to  If you have any questions, please contact a planner at
  5. Letter of Intent – a statement by the property owner/applicant describing the project details, including any phases of development, number of acres, future use, etc.
Please submit the applicable checklist with the Master Application: (all links below are PDF pdf)

A Secondary Residence is allowed in the Agricultural (A), Rural Residential (RR) and Single Family (R-1) Zones, and Permitted by Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in the Combined Medium Density Residential (R-2) Zone when these requirements are met:

  • Is owned by the owner of the lot or parcel containing the owner’s primary residence;
  • Has its own separate house number (address) for  emergency purposes.

For Temporary Use (Residence) in Agricultural and Residential Zones, the landowner may apply for a Temporary Use Permit for the following reasons:

  • For farm workers engaged in performing a substantial amount of the operation of the applicant’s bona fide farming activities in an agricultural zone;
  • While a single-family dwelling is being constructed;
  • Residing in an RV outside an RV park for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days within a calendar year.
    • Living in an RV outside of an RV park requires a temporary use permit as stated above.  All others are in violation of the Canyon County Zoning Ordinance (07-15-05(C)) and are subject to code enforcement action. 

Temporary Residence Permit Fee:    $300.00 NOTE:  All Secondary and Temporary uses (Master Land Use Application pdf)are subject to a $70 Zoning Compliance fee and all applicable building permit fees.  The Checklist pdf should accompany your application.

Application to Become a Planning and Zoning Commissioner
–  P&Z Commission App pdf 

Public Records Request Form
–  Public Right to Examine Form pdf

Short Plat – If the proposed subdivision does not exceed fourteen (14) lots and there are no major special development considerations such as development in a floodplain, or a hillside area, you may apply for a Short Plat. If any of these considerations do exist, it will be necessary to apply for a preliminary and final plat. (Canyon County Zoning Ordinance 07-17-09; 07-17-11) Master Application (please submit with applicable checklist below) (all links below are PDF pdf)

*Note: If the proposed subdivision rests within a city impact area boundary, contact the appropriate City to obtain their requirements.

Subdivision Improvement Requirements

Canyon County requires that Subdivision Improvements be either bonded or completed and certified by a registered professional engineer prior to the Board of County Commissioner’s signature on the Final Plat.

  • Subdivision improvements consist of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, streetlights, paving, roads, irrigation, water, and sewer systems, and any other amenities within the subdivision.
  • If said items are completed prior to the Board’s signature on the final plat, you must submit a letter from a registered professional engineer certifying that all improvements are constructed per code requirements and are completed. This letter must be stamped (sealed) by the engineer making the certification.
  • If said items are not going to be completed prior to the Board’s signature on the final plat, they must be bonded.
Bonding Procedure  Canyon County Zoning Ordinance 07-17-29(4)
  • Developer obtains three (3) contractor bids for the estimated cost to construct the improvements.
  • Developer obtains a bond, irrevocable letter of credit, or other acceptable form of guarantee in the amount of 120% of the highest of the three (3) bid amounts.
  • Developer will submit the three (3) contractor bids and the bond, irrevocable letter of credit, or other acceptable form of guarantee in the amount of 120% of the highest of the three (3) bid amounts to Development Services Department (DSD).
  • If the internal roads are to be public, the Developer must bond these roads with the Highway District having jurisdiction and submit a copy of the bond to DSD.
  • DSD will secure the bonding instrument.
  • DSD requests a hearing date before the BOCC to consider signing the Final Plat.
  • DSD will release the bond only upon written request from the DSD Director. This will only occur when DSD has received a letter from a registered professional engineer certifying that all improvements included in the bond are complete. This letter must be stamped (sealed) by the engineer making the certification. The bonded improvements shall be constructed within two (2) years from the date of recordation of the final plat; provided, however, the Board may extend the period one year upon showing of just cause by the developer.
  • The scheduling of any payment to the developer will be in accordance with the County’s current claim and payment schedule.
If you have questions, please contact a planner at 208-454-7458.

If you are inquiring about Zoning and Setbacks on a parcel, or If you are inquiring about the status of entitlements on a parcel, you can request that a planner research this information. For example: Is a Building Permit or Land Division available? How is the property zoned? What will it take to develop the property?  Status entitlements require a $35.00 fee per parcel. A credit card authorization form is included with this request form, and a planner will respond to your inquiry, usually in writing. 

Parcel Inquiry Request Form 


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