Code Enforcement


A Code Enforcement Officer will investigate complaints concerning Land Use and Building issues or any violation of the Zoning, Building or Public Nuisance Ordinances. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted. The identity of private citizens filing a complaint remain confidential from the public or press for the duration of the investigation into their complaint. File information is not subject to information requests due to ongoing investigations.

Stop Sign in Trash PileExamples of these violations are:

  • Failure to comply with Conditions of Approval for Conditional Use Permits;
  • People living in recreational vehicles;
  • Junk yards, accumulation of junk, trash or garbage;
  • Inoperable vehicles (more than 3 non-running, non-licensed, or junked),
  • Encroachment into property setbacks or easements;
  • No building permits issued on a construction site, etc.
  • Public Nuisance complaints such as weeds or illegal dumping;
  • Sight Obstructions caused from bushes, shrubs or trees that may be blocking vision at street intersections.

These type violations are not handled by Canyon County:

  • The County has no jurisdiction within City Limits, so if you wish to report a violation within city boundaries, please contact City Hall.
  • County Code Enforcement has no jurisdiction over public roadways, water on the roads or noxious weeds.
  • Any building violations involving electrical or plumbing are handled through the State Department of Building Safety.
  • Neighbor disputes over fence lines and boundaries or irrigation uses are civil matters and the County has no jurisdiction to resolve these issues. We suggest that you seek legal counsel.

Substantiated violations are enforced within the limitations of the Canyon County Zoning Ordinance, Building Code Ordinance and Public Nuisance Ordinance and could result in court action (criminal misdemeanor citation or civil court proceedings). It is the goal of the Canyon County Development Services Department to work with the public in reaching an amicable agreement to resolve issues, keeping the public’s health, safety and welfare in the forefront of any action.

Please Note:
Any complaints in relation to barking dogs; unwanted cats or dogs; deceased, sick or injured dogs or cats; neglected animals or animal bites should be reported to the Animal Control Office. Contact Sheriff’s Dispatch at 454-7531.

Notice of Land Use or Building Complaint pdf

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Canyon County Code Enforcement
111 North 11th Avenue, Suite 140
Caldwell, ID 83605
(208) 454-6606

Complaints are resolved through the following process or steps:

Filing a Complaint

County residents may file a complaint in writing with a Code Enforcement Officer. (For ease in registering a complaint, this website contains an electronic form that can be completed and emailed into the department.)  The complainant must identify the property  location and the suspected ordinance violation. No anonymous complaints will be acted upon.

(Submit a Public Complaint Form in the next tab)


The Code Enforcement Officer will investigate complaints to confirm if any alleged violations are valid and will research information regarding the case.

If no violations are found the complainant is notified and no further action is taken.

Violation Identified

If an officer confirms that a violation exists on the subject property, the owner will be notified in writing and given an opportunity to abate the violation within a specified time frame.

Failure to Respond

Property owners failing to correct any infractions or neglect to abate within the allotted time frame may be subject to court action (criminal misdemeanor) or civil court proceedings.  If all attempts to work with a violator fail, the case will be forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office for action.

The Canyon County Sheriff’s Animal Control office should be contacted  at (208) 454-7531 for the following concerns:

  • Dogs at large or in traffic
  • Barking dogs
  • Found or unwanted dogs or cats
  • Aggressive animals
  • Deceased, injured and sick animals
  • Animal attacks and bites
  • Animal cruelty and neglect

The Canyon County Code Enforcement Office should be contacted for the following Public Nuisance concerns:

  • Weed issues – (Noxious Weeds should be addressed through the Weed and Gopher Department)
  • Open storage of inoperable vehicles; vehicle parts; sales lot for vehicles
  • Open storage or dumping of trash and garbage
  • Property uses which create possible health and fire hazard issues
  • Operation of a non-permitted/allowed business.
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111 N. 11th Ave ROOM 140
Caldwell, ID 83605

Phone / Fax

P 208-454-7458
F 208-454-6633



Weekdays 8am – 5pm
(excluding holidays)
*Accept Applications 8am-4pm