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District 1: Leslie Van Beek

Office Phone: (208) 454-7507
Fax: (208) 454-7336

I’m proud to say I’m an Idaho native, born and raised in the Treasure Valley. Growing up, I attended school in Nampa graduating as a “Bulldog” from the only high school in Nampa in 1980. I went on to attend Northwest Nazarene College (now University) and later transferred to Boise State University graduating with a degree in Health Science and a minor in Biology. My work experience includes time in banking, retail and public relations most notably as an assistant to the president of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce where I helped with the annual Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade.

Although I grew up in Nampa, I later moved to Caldwell when I married Dale Van Beek and together we’ve spent the last 20+ years farming and raising five children: Davis, Kramer, Wil, Harrison and Annie. As a stay-at-home wife and mom, I was heavily involved in the business operations of our small dairy farm and investing in our children. We have always counted the time we spent milking cows, digging corrugates, spraying weeds and walking along our quiet road some of the best and most memorable events that have helped shape each of our lives.

While we are not actively farming today, we are still involved in agriculture. Dale works for Simplot Grower Solutions and all of our children have benefitted from the career development and leadership development opportunities afforded through the 4-H and FFA programs. Our children are all but grown. As one journey of service ends, another journey of service has just begun. In the fall of 2017, I was encouraged to run for office and use my desire to serve and make a difference in county government. I attended campaign school and subsequently filed with the Secretary of State. At the same time, I recognized the need for additional training and enrolled at Boise State University and am actively pursuing a master’s certification in Conflict Management and Negotiation.

This has been an amazing and rewarding journey from candidate, to commissioner-elect, to now serving as your District 1 Commissioner.  The people I have met, the desire to make a positive difference and the many opportunities to learn have been some of the highlights in serving as commissioner. From leadership to resource management, to learning the law, to land use—the job of commissioner is big but rewarding. My core values are rooted in faith, family, ethics and integrity. Thank you Canyon County for the privilege and opportunity to serve you today and for many years to come.

District 2: Tom Dale

Tom Dale
Office Phone: (208) 454-7507

Tom Dale grew up on a cattle ranch in eastern Washington and arrived in Nampa in 1968 to attend NNU. Feeling a desire to serve our country, he left NNU after his freshman year to serve in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. After serving four years in the Navy, he returned to Nampa and completed a Bachelor’s degree at NNU.

After working on the family ranch for a time, he continued his education at the University of North Texas, where he earned a Master’s degree in Music Education. While there, he also served with the Texas Air National Guard.

In the next 16 years Tom gained broad experience through working for the Church of the Nazarene, running several small businesses, and even lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he established a marketing program for an oil company.

In 1996 Tom was elected to the Nampa City Council. At the time he was teaching at Nampa Christian High School, managing a small business, RTD Irrigation, as well as officiating high school football and basketball. After serving six years on City Council, Tom was elected to serve as Mayor and held that position for 12 years.  He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of County Commissioners.

During these years, Tom served as President of the Association of Idaho Cities, Chairman of the Board for the Metropolitan Planning Organization – COMPASS, Chairman of the board for Valley Regional Transit, President of Treasure Valley Partnership, Chairman of the College of Western Idaho Advisory Council, Nampa Chamber of Commerce Board, the Nampa Salvation Army Board, and NNU’s School of Business Advisory Council.

Tom enjoys a wide variety of activities: hunting, fishing, sporting clays, bicycling, golf, and skiing. After 35 years, he is still officiating high school football. He is a private pilot and enjoys sharing the joy of flight with anyone brave enough to go fly with him. On weekends you can often find Tom playing and singing with the High Street Band or with the worship team at church. Tom loves life in Canyon County, and appreciates the richness of all it has to offer.

District 3: Pam White

Pam White
Office Phone: (208) 454-7507

Pam White was elected to the District 3 Canyon County Commissioner seat in 2016 and re-elected in 2018. She currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Commissioners. Pam has been a Canyon County resident for over 20 years.  Her grandchildren are fifth generation Canyon County citizens.

Residing in Nampa, Pam and her husband are just a ten minute drive from their daughter, son-in-law and two teenage grandchildren.

Commissioner White refers to herself as a public servant. She has served on the boards of several Nampa organizations, including:

* St. Alphonsus Hospital, Nampa Board of Directors; Chair 2015-2016
* St. Alphonsus Health System Regional Board
* Nampa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Chair 2007-2008
* Boys and Girls Club
* Syringa House
* God & Country Family Festival

Commissioner White is also a current facilitator of Leadership Nampa, a monthly leadership training program.

Pam was in management with Home Federal Bank when she retired from the retail banking industry.  She had her insurance, investments and securities licensing as well as a Real Estate license, which she has maintained in an inactive status .

Prior to her election as a County Commissioner, she was appointed to the City of Nampa Planning & Zoning Commission in 2004.  Following 3 ½ years of this assignment, she was elected to the Nampa City Council in 2007, where she served for 9 ½ years.  Her City Council service included liaison representation to the Rural Fire District, the Library Board, the Nampa Airport Commission, the Golf Commission and a member of the Idaho Center Advisory Board.

Family is her priority.  Most all activities are central to family involvement and celebrated as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities not to be missed.

Being an avid outdoor enthusiast, she skis: water, snow and jet.  Standup paddle board and snowboarding are also on her list of outdoor activities.  Golf, while she enjoys it, is a personal challenge.

Pam believes that public service is an honor and a tremendous privilege.  Her faith in God is the foundation of who she is, why she serves and how she governs.

Our Mission is to serve the public with honesty and integrity, to provide affordable and efficient government services, and to promote values that ensure quality of life for present and future generations of Canyon County residents.

  The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC, Board, or Commissioners) is the governing body of Canyon County.  Consisting of three elected officials, the Board serves as the county’s budget and taxing authority, its legislative body, and chief executive authority.  Among other duties, the Board enacts laws, ensures compliance of laws and secures professional services for the county. Under Article 18, Section 10 of the Idaho Constitution, two county commissioners are elected every four years – one for a two-year term and one for a four-year term.  State law specifies the procedure for determining which commissioner is to be elected for a four-year term, and which is to be elected for a two-year term (Idaho Code §31-703). The Commissioners are constitutional officers whose authority encompasses both the executive and legislative body for the county.  In general, this authority is described by Chapters 7 and 8 of Title 31, Idaho Code.  As the county’s legislative authority, the Board has the power to enact ordinances, resolutions and proclamations. Ordinances are laws enacted by a local legislative authority. They may govern matters not already covered by state or federal law or may supplement (but cannot supersede) existing state or federal law. They are intended to affect the general public and are typically permanent in nature. Ordinances enacted by the Board are effective only in the unincorporated area of Canyon County unless specifically provided for in state law. A resolution is a formal expression of the opinion or will of an official body adopted by vote in a legislative action. Resolutions are less formal than an ordinance, are administrative in nature, and typically concern internal government operations. Resolutions are usually considered to be temporary in nature, but often have a long-term effect. While both ordinances and resolutions are legally binding, proclamations are non-binding formal public declarations. As part of the executive branch of government, the Board is charged with taking actions and providing resources to ensure compliance with its legally mandated duties and to ensure that the ordinances it enacts are carried out. Such duties include enforcement of land use ordinances and building codes, setting of precinct boundaries, and the budgetary powers of appropriation, among others. The Board is also charged with the oversight of the official conduct of all county officers, though this authority is limited under Idaho law. The Board has additional duties as the Board of Canvassers of Election, certifying true and complete abstracts of all votes cast in all elections. The Board also sits as the Board of Equalization (BOE) to hear property assessment appeals and assure that the market value for assessment purposes has been appropriately established.   The BOE also hears appeals of applications for property tax exemptions. For more detailed information on the many responsibilities of the Board of County Commissioners, please see the Idaho Association of Counties’ Elected Official Handbook.

Administrator Telephone Email
County Agent:  Jerry Neufeld 208-459-6003 jneufeld@canyonco.org
County Fair:  Diana Sinner 208-455-8500 dsinner@canyonco.org
Development Services Dept:  Patricia Nilsson 208-454-7458 pnilsson@canyonco.org
Facilities:  Paul Navarro 208-454-7473 pnavarro@canyonco.org
Fleet Department:  Mark Tolman 208-455-6025 mtolman@canyonco.org
Human Resources:  Susan Baumgart 208-454-6610 sbaumgart@canyonco.org
Information Technology:  Greg Rast 208-454-6604 grast@canyonco.org
Juvenile Detention:  Steve Jett 208-454-7240 sjett@canyonco.org
Juvenile Probation:  Elda Catalano 208-454-7330 ecatalano@canyonco.org
Misdemeanor Probation:  Jeff Breach 208-454-7260 jbreach@canyonco.org
Parks and Recreation Director:  Nichole Schwend 208-454-6884 nschwend@canyonco.org
Public Information Officer:  Joe Decker 208-455-6090 jdecker@canyonco.org
Security Director:  Joe Mueller 208-614-5010 jmueller@canyonco.org
Solid Waste Director:  David Loper 208-466-7288 dloper@canyonco.org
Weed Control:  AJ Mondor 208-459-0510 amondor@canyonco.org

Click on the link below for the application you wish to download. Planning & Zoning Commission Application pdf Fair Advisory Board Application https://dev.canyonco.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/MicrosoftWord.png

The Canyon County Board of County Commissioners approved the tentative operating budget for fiscal year 2018 by a 2-1 vote following a public hearing on August 8, 2017. Commissioners Tom Dale and Pam White voted in favor of the budget, with Commissioner Steve Rule voting in opposition. The total tentative operating budget of $89,305,778 is $2,028,536 less than the fiscal year 2017 budget. Click here to view the adopted FY2018 budget pdf

Idaho Association of Counties (IAC)

Canyon County participates in the Idaho Association of Counties (IAC).  IAC represents Idaho’s county governments before the Idaho legislature and provides services, research, uniformity and coordination among member counties, in order for the county elected officials to serve their constituents better.  Canyon County paid $18,098 in association dues to IAC in 2012.

National Association of Counties (NACo)

Canyon County is a member of the National Association of Counties (NACo), which represents county governments before the U.S. Congress.  Canyon County paid $2,350 for 2012 membership in NACo.

Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS)

Canyon County is a member of the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS).  COMPASS is an association of local governments working together to plan for the future of the region.  The agency conducts this work as the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for northern Ada County and Canyon County.   Canyon County paid COMPASS $130,872 in 2012.

Treasure Valley Partnership (TVP)

Canyon County is a member of the Treasure Valley Partnership (TVP), which is an active group of elected officials working together to positively manage growth.  The partnership is dedicated to regional coordination, cooperation, and collaboration in creating coherent regional growth.  Canyon County paid $8,646 in membership dues to TVP in 2012.

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of Canyon County was created in 1983 following the adoption of Ordinance No. 83-005 by the Board of County Commissioners.  The Industrial Development Corporation is a public corporation consisting of a five-member Board of Directors, whose purpose is to facilitate economic development and employment opportunities in Canyon County through the use of tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds to finance the project costs of qualified industrial development facilities.  Current members of the Industrial IDC Board of Directors are David Ferdinand, Bob Jacobsen, Gayle Batt, Margie Watson, and Kathy Alder.  For more information, please contact IDC Board President David Ferdinand at (208) 899-9232.


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